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tl; dr: We’ll make it all better; don’t break the safety rules.

Errors were made today in execution of the “high intensity” stage of the shoot; these errors were mine. I ask that people that were impacted please realize that when errors are made, Joe and I will do a lot to do good by you.

I failed to ensure that Rifle Clinic shooters also participating in the HIT event had time to move from one to the other; I also failed to tell them to move. We started HIT around 50 minutes late; Joe called on the radio to see if all of the shooters were down, I called on the radio to see if the clinic was over. Instead of taking no response as a “yes”, I should have come up to make certain; this error was entirely mine.

However, once the error was made and shooting commenced, we had some safety violations. Not on the line (that I saw), but by the shooters running at great speed to bring gear over and set up once shooting was already going on. Joe and I thought one guy missed out; then, we saw seven or eight more people running down the line. I asked Joe if we had more explosives to put out; he said yes, and called a cease fire. I explained what the plan was, and we solved our self-induced crisis.

This type of situation happens every year. We know that you, the customer, are looking for mud in your hair; every year, we work around errors where people don’t get to participate at as a full level as they might like. The solution wasn’t optimal (taking explosives made for Sunday and using them Friday), but that is behind the scenes; as far as the customer knows, Mary Boomer Poppins delivered magical explosives when there were none.

Give us a chance to do the right thing. Please follow the rules.

Written by Ry Jones

24 April 2009 at 23:52


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