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Next year, it will be harder.

I put some targets on the hill this year that I thought, honestly, would remain un-hit all day. JD discusses it (with pictures) in his post “Consternation”; Da Squirrel Hunter et al took to calling the targets dingle berries. The construction, in the morning, was to take 4” targets and tie them square to the shooting line. Three of these were tied on a 40 or 50 yard line at the top of the hill; the movement with a light wind was impressive. Mid-day feedback was overwhelming and enthusiastic; I ended up cutting off long paracord lines and handing them out at the tree line. I don’t know how many moving targets were emplaced, but not many were left. We tied a mix of 3”, 4”, and one 7” target at the eyebrow; those were mostly gone, as well.

Next year will be more difficult. My expected feedback was that the targets were Too Hard; however, the popularity of the moving targets re-interested one person that was attended 2009 out of politeness: he said he’ll be back in 2010, provided there are a lot more moving targets.

This neatly solves one problem Joe and I have been thinking about for years: how to make the targets harder without making them smaller. Once you get below a certain size, they aren’t as boomescent; the ratio of “don’t shoot here” cardboard to “shoot here” becomes very small, and the detonation unimpressive.

I set aside the helium balloons as wasteful this year; why buy the balloons and the helium if nobody will hit the targets anyway? I have a proposed solution for this; we’ll see if the people that cleaned the dingle berries this year do so well next.

Written by Ry Jones

29 April 2009 at 0:32


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