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On those ads in Shotgun News for pre-’81 DIAS

I always figured the ads were the ATF reeling in suckers – not so: George Dodson, owner of SU-PRESS-ON, has been charged with 151 counts of the obvious. Skip to the posts by Nolo, as they’re the only ones that provide interesting (read: PACER) results. Playing the NFA game has always required a certain amount of insanity (holding multiple facts to be true, while they all contradict); that a rubber washer is a suppressor or a shoelace a machine gun is to deny reality, but a reality one must subscribe to in order to stay out of jail. Or not. Apparently, you can run ads in SGN for thirty years until you get brought in.

On a similar topic, the so-called Powder Springs fallout continues apace this week; hearings where a judge expresses confusion about machine guns made from shoe strings and the difference between remaking, repair, and manufacturing. For those unaware, the Powder Springs guns were cheap, unloved MAC flats turned into desirable, rare machine guns via the highly technical process of cutting the serial number off the flat and welding it to another gun. Lots of tears have been shed over the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on contraband firearms; now it’s time for blood to be shed – from the thousands of paper cuts from letters of determination that the ATF has been (in)famous for over the last few decades.

Of course, Gunwalker continues to grind along. Maybe, just maybe, this is the end of the NFRTR Рor even the agency itself. One may dream. Or prepare to unscrew tin and remove doors. Or both.

Written by Ry Jones

5 February 2012 at 22:36


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