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Because Super Bowl weekend is propitious

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Took a well-advised solo trip with no EPIRB into  avalanche country. Fun times! The trail I wanted to take was closed due to avalanche danger. The little curl north of Q was bad times. Left the trail by accident and ended up in dense fog in feet of powder and drifts. Hung off the right side and hit the throttle; did the coolest 360 ever and blasted down the butte.

Written by Ry Jones

7 February 2016 at 7:09

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I replaced polymer with LEDs

The new hotness. Say Uncle links to one solution. I prefer the ALG, even though it removes the ability to use normal holsters, because it’s easier to keep a red dot that doesn’t cycle in view.

Written by Ry Jones

28 January 2016 at 16:26

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“Old” books

I have a copy of Sled Driver somewhere – I think everyone interested in flight had a copy in the mid-90s. The used prices start at $800, the new prices just under $1000. I had forgotten about the limited edition reprint done in the early 2000s; the author himself drops in and leaves the top-rated review of the first edition. Not sure I would have put a phone number in the review, but there it is.

That book was published in 95 and it’s unobtanium 20 years on.

I see a paperback edition of Unintended Consequences has been released, depressing resale prices of used copies. Still, new hardcovers start about $150 and used ones about $75. My introduction to UC was seeing them in a pile at the entrance of an old shooting range, WSI. The PDF is widely circulated; UC was printed in ’96, apparently one time.

Written by Ry Jones

16 January 2016 at 12:31

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My insane Hateful Eight theory

The Major’s letter really was from Lincoln. Two bits of evidence:

  • He punched Daisy instantly after she spit on it
  • When they were dying at the end of the movie, the Sheriff asks to see the letter and it’s in the Major’s vest pocket. After everything that’s happened, he’s still carrying it (literally) close to the vest.

So why did the Major say it was fake? To knock the Hangman down a couple pegs in front of everyone and gain a little stature by making him look foolish.

Written by Ry Jones

11 January 2016 at 12:33

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Hello Internet

I’ve been plowing through the back catalog of Hello Internet (which basically requires listening in order); there are a lot of little nuggets that could be pulled out for longer discussion, but a few top-of-mind:

  • “You can’t live in your own museum” – Barb was the first place I heard this but listening to CGP Grey go on about it is amusing.
  • General whinging about the Amazon Phone and how lame it is (agreed, I worked on it, it deserved to never ship)
  • CGP Grey is very close to Roman Mars in his view of flags
  • How bad these two professionals, that live and die on YouTube views, are at estimating how videos will do. They do small, low-effort videos that go viral and videos that they’ve worked on for weeks which fail.

Written by Ry Jones

26 December 2015 at 14:43

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This field is Swiss cheese filled with gun.

Link to video with commentary


Bill McHarold: Los Angeles back on the field after halftime with quite a point deficit they have to make up

Buck Tarland: It’s never good to be in this kind of deficit in this type of weather

Bill: that’s right Buck, this is brutal, this field is Swiss cheese filled with gun.

And here’s the snap, to Cleveland, the pressure, they’re bringing the pressure. Los Angeles is through the line


Bill: and they’re down! the ball is loose! the ball is loose! All of the slop!

Buck: And it looks like LA recovers right in the rain. Referee is signaling LA ball

Bill: look at the look in his eyes, Buck. Look at the look in his eyes! That is the look of a man that knows he has to produce! On this next drive

Buck: yes, that’s why he’s putting his helmet on, he really should get on the field though. It really looks like the quarterback is already on the field while he is clearly just getting up. Let’s see us! there we are.

(Bill and Buck on screen)

Bill: there we go, you’re a beautiful man. And Billy Cole at the line

Buck: Line up behind the quarterback

Bill: here’s the snap. God look at that slop.

Buck: look at the way the quarterback dries his hands

Bill: This is real football weather! the kind where you can’t play football.

Buck: No time for excuses, Bill. You gotta win this game.

Bill: Los Angeles plenty of time in the pocket a forward pass to Billy Cole! wow

Buck: look at that, open field moves

Bill: this is what you call a running back

Buck: oh he should step out of bounds here, he’s definitely gonna be tackled. Does he have any moves left in him?

Bill: will Cole make it through?

Buck: taking a long time

Bill: can he make it? Can he put them within scoring range? And yes he can!

Buck: Oh my!

Bill: and that is a perfect shot, a Glock 29 is a solid choice in these weather conditions.

Buck: should be a penalty though

Bill: I’m not sure about that, Buck, I uh you might want to check the rule book on that one, because I think it’s a judgement call on the field.

Buck: Well, if I’m the coach of Cleveland, I’m definitely throwing the challenge flag on that

Bill: I’m not sure that’s a challengable call

Buck: that’s right, it would be a judgement call, wouldn’t it

Bill: take a knee, take a knee Cole. You did well.

Buck: don’t remove your helmet, that’s going to be a penalty.

Cole: Ain’t life a bitch!

(Cole blows out brains)

Buck: Oh God

Bill: that is definitely excessive celebration in the end zone

Buck: Celebration with a prop, as well

Bill: nyah

Buck: way to cost your team. Like my coach always used to tell me. It’s the end zone,

Bill & Buck together: act like you’ve been there before.

Written by Ry Jones

23 October 2015 at 17:00

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Mixing powders and oils

I was talking to someone about mixing powders and oils; he uses a setup made for meat processing. It consists of a grinder (which is really just a 1/2 horse motor with extra bits to throw away) and a seven gallon tilt mixer. The mixer can handle 33 pounds of meat, or about the same mass of Boomerite for ~33-16 targets. It has a lid to keep powders down and scraper blades to keep the sides clean. I might sneak down to Lacey this weekend to take a look at one.

Written by Ry Jones

21 August 2015 at 20:43

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