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Slightly more on the Aldridge plinth

Sandy Aldridge has died. It was by her intervention that I got to attend South, which had computer classes that were more than “learn to type”, instead of North, which didn’t. She also handed me my high school diploma on stage and wished me luck, which appears to have been overall in my favor, so far.

I’m not sure what this means WRT the plinth.

Written by Ry Jones

10 May 2015 at 12:38

A note on Serial, the podcast

In a follow up, they ask:

(Adan’s HoTMaiL account is no longer available) We asked her to clarify: Is it not available because nobody wants to go get it off some antiquated piece of technology deep in the bowels of Microsoft or is it not available because the account and all its related 1’s and 0’s have been erased from the universe? She did a lot of digging – this is not a question Microsoft gets asked every day, apparently – and returned with an answer: Adnan’s Hotmail account no longer exists anywhere in the universe. So, onward.

When I left MSN, a HoTMaiL account that was inactive for 180 days would enter a state where you had to do a password recovery in order to log in to it again. After 360 days, it was deleted. Any activity was supposed to reset the counter – one of the things I tested with each release was that accessing HoTMaiL over SMS properly reset the counter. I just looked (warning, big document), and as of 2008, it was account lock at 30 days, email delete at 120 days, and WLID delete 365 days after the 120 day period.

Since there was over a decade between Adnan’s last login and the next attempted login, yeah, the data was long gone.

Written by Ry Jones

9 May 2015 at 23:49

Secure disposal

As part of the construction of the 2015 fireball, I added a dead YubiKey Neo:

I ended up putting it between the two layers of Boomerite in the hopes of more complete destruction.

Email thread with Yubico support:

thank you. Order placed. What should I do with the dead one? mail it to you? destroy it?

Hello Ry –

Great, thanks for the update! You’re welcome to dispose of the failing device.

Best Regards,
Yubico Support

I stuck it inside a pile of 30 pounds of explosives and 19 gallons of gas. I hope this is sufficiently destructive and no keys can be recovered, but I couldn’t find anything afterwards the plug in to a USB port.

Hello Ry –

That should do the trick!

Best Regards,
Yubico Support

Next time I’m back in Orofino, I plan to stop by and sift through the dirt a little to see if I can find it. It’s tough enough I could see it surviving.

Written by Ry Jones

8 May 2015 at 1:13


Joe has published an excellent writeup of the 2015 fireball. I think it’s the best one ever done – not even close. Barron knocked it out of the park. Joe points out the lack of gasoline on the grass. I was thinking about this, and I’d bet that’s because there was not much milk jug over hanging the edge of the explosives. In previous years we just sort-of balanced the jugs on top of the sevens. Reddit wasn’t impressed but Arfcom liked it well enough.

My first comment about putting road flares out with gasoline was apparently 2011, but it still amazes me every time it happens.

Written by Ry Jones

7 May 2015 at 19:56

Sacred duty to maintain the Aldridge Plinth

Arden said she had replaced the mailbox at the Aldridge home when she was working in Indiana a couple years ago. I told her I’d replaced it when I was in high school in the 80s, and she now has to inform her first child “like my father before me, and his father before him, I have maintained the Aldridge Mailbox, a sacred duty, and in twenty five years or so you must return to our ancestral home and make sure it is in good form”

Looked at it on street view, it’s been moved across the driveway, and built to better specifications.


I think it’s more of a plinth now. Not sure what the next evolution might be.

Written by Ry Jones

4 May 2015 at 22:41

Working from home

New job allows (well, requires) that I work from home. It would be difficult to over-state the improvement in my overall mood from not having a commute – I was down to 20 minutes each way previously, now I can wake up, shower, and I’m at work.


Written by Ry Jones

24 April 2015 at 17:18

Parking lot ranking

My sister tweeted that a second-worst parking lot exists in her town. My mind sees an ordered list, from worst to best – and I immediately imagine all of the shenanigans of people at or near the top of the list, trying to climb one more slot.

Oh, they copied our “free detailing while you shop”? Add a foot massage to the complimentary shuttle!

I can see whole factions forming. Abandoning shitty cars to clog up other parking lots, paying teenagers to hang out late at night – drinking beer and shooting bottle rockets off to give competitors a bad rep. All is fair in love and parking!

I thought of this Onion article and how it could apply to parking lots – maybe complimentary double parking, quadruple parking if you’re a savings club member? There are, of course, other shenanigans to engage in, but I’m done.

For now.

I wonder where the worst parking lot is in Moscow? I’m thinking the one in front of Subway – if you’re heading out of town, that left is a bitch.

Written by Ry Jones

19 April 2015 at 16:17


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