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Mémoires d’une déportée

I was listening to the Hidden Waves episode about Rice-A-Roni when they mentioned a book published by Pailadzo Captanian, from which I stole the title to this post. After they play the abridged, NPR version of the story, about ten minutes in, they play some more of the material. One of the people interviewed is the grandson of Pailadzo; at 11:29 he says:

My grandfather was a professor, and also involved in the Orthodox church, so he was somebody that they definitely were watching because they thought he would be a leader against the deportation of the Armenians. And he very much was! They were told if they surrendered their arms, it would be peaceful, there would be no problems. His biggest regret was that they had surrendered their arms.

It’s the same story, again and again.

The entire episode is worth a listen; Pailadzo walked for three months from Turkey to Syria while pregnant, watching many of the other people marching die. She sold off her kids to Greek families so that they would live. I’m looking for an English translation; so far, no luck.

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28 June 2015 at 22:56

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Charlie Victor Romeo

On this week’s This American Life, they cover a couple of stories from examination of impersonal, contemporaneous logs. There were two stories I think make a good addition to the list:

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28 June 2015 at 17:49

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Jason Hamilton, the Moscow, Idaho shooter from 2007

I missed a series of stories on the Moscow attack from 2007, so I wanted to provide links to anyone else that missed them. I learned a little. Keep in mind it’s the Boise alt-weekly so the anti-Moscow bias is played for all it is worth.

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13 June 2015 at 0:58

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Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic instructor LRRPF52 has an excellent thread on marching. What I learned was you really have to take care of your feet – above all else. Blister care requires more thought than I’ve ever put into it, for damn sure.

I now have a new goal. My walking pace is between 2.8 and 3.2 MPH. I see the pace for marching is 4.5-5 MPH without running. Work to do there – once I try to get my pace up to 4-ish, I start to jog.

I keep putting off buying a sturdy backpack to weigh down. I’ve been considering a plate carrier and plates, as it seems to me it would be easier to distribute the mass forward/back.

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11 June 2015 at 8:20

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Tiananmen Square

My senior year in high school I was focused on two things: graduating and watching the protests in China. I had a TV in my room which might as well have been permanently glued to CNN, and I remember it was constantly on TV and the radio. I seriously thought “they’re going to pull it off!” until the massacre. The next time this played out I was waiting for the machine gunners to wrap it up the same way – thankfully, it didn’t happen. Perestroika and Glasnost had been underway for a while and the Chinese Democracy Movement seemed to be fruit of a similar tree, if not the same species.

From 2003-2005 I worked with a couple of Chinese expats – one was a programmer now, but was a doctor in China. We were talking at one time and he said he was at the massacre, but supposed I’d never heard of it. I told him the whole US was watching it on evening TV every day, and it was all anyone talked about. It looked like he was about to cry, so I let it drop.

At one point I took him shooting with his friends and we all talked more about it. He explained he had been there to treat soldiers, basically at gunpoint. Fellow medical students were on the other side of the lines being killed.

I don’t have much to add but I do think of it every year when it comes around, and I wish the outcome had been better.

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6 June 2015 at 19:07

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Cowboy Bebop

Tom gave me a copy of Cowboy Bebop in 2000 or 2001, and I enjoyed it greatly. Steven Den Beste’s review from 2003 has stuck with me. Hell, I named my cat after one of the main characters. I still like it – I did a rewatch over this week with the movie inserted in order and found it holds up.

The first time I went to Ba Bar they were playing music from the series. I think I’ll keep going there, maybe one day they’ll play it again.

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29 May 2015 at 19:49

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Map errors

This weekend, I had occasion to pay attention to maps around the area of Elk Butte.

Map Errors near Elk Butte

In the upper right, you see Google Terrain – which shows approximately the truth on the ground. The rest of the layers show an insane artifact of a stitching error. I tried to sift through all the vector data sources to find the suspect source of data, but ran out of energy before I chased it down.

Error source?

This is as close as I got. This two shots are of the same region at very slightly different zoom levels using Google Terrain data.

If I didn’t know this area as well as I do, I might have noticed the error but not appreciated how bad the stitching error is.

Written by Ry Jones

26 May 2015 at 20:44


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