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Take this and make a million: EZ bake rifles. Sell clones of the Remington 700 action made in parts that slap into a jig, heat in the oven, and braze together.

80% lowers without a milling machine.

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Written by Ry Jones

6 March 2014 at 7:00

Posted in Hobbies, RKBA

Dammit, California

Little made me as nervous, when I worked in California, as driving over the Bay Bridge. It appears the replacement is basically a boondoggle ready to collapse under a stiff breeze. I had been toying with the idea of a weekend trip there just to drive over the bridge, but I think I’ll back-burner that for a while.

Written by Ry Jones

28 February 2014 at 7:00

Posted in Politics

Gravity, spring assist, and automatic knives

Apparently spring assist was always legal here, but the law was clarified two years ago. Auto knives are still verboten for proles, though.

Written by Ry Jones

27 February 2014 at 7:00

Posted in Seattle

So, what have you created?

The national music press is taking a huge dump on Aberdeen’s effort to exploit Kurt Cobain’s having been a resident. Quite a bit of ire has been dumped on the sculpture of Kurt – the one made shortly after he killed himself, the one that’s been resting in the back of the muffler shop of the lady that made it for years.

I get that it isn’t your thing, but if all you’re going to do is tear her down for making it, fuck off.

Once she’s dead, she’ll be heralded as a leading lady of outsider art. Alive, she’s to be mocked.

Written by Ry Jones

26 February 2014 at 7:00

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Oh, amazon

Bil with one L send me an email: this thing you like is 2/3 off on amazon right now. I go to the page to spend the $35 on a couple, but amazon only has one in stock. I place the order, then I wanted to see if anyone else was fulfilling them at that price – and the product page now had six in stock! I went to change the quantity on my previous order to two, saved the order and… amazon canceled the order. Well, shit, back to the product page thinking I might get two pair and see if anyone else wants a pair and THERE ARE ONLY TWO IN STOCK. Bought both of them and I see they now have six.

You are a harsh mistress, amazon.

Written by Ry Jones

25 February 2014 at 7:00

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There is no evidence to support that claim

Wrote an installer to download and unzip git repos from the internet. Someone else baked it into another installer, claiming that it was in there; running it seemed to produce no network traffic, but the files showed up. Suspecting they had merely downloaded the files and baked them into the installer (defeating the whole purpose of the exercise), I fired up WireShark and saw no traffic – they said I was Doing It Wrong. Fine, cleared all of my caches, unplugged the network cable, ran installer. Files showed up. They’re now “looking into it”.

In WireShark I trust.

Written by Ry Jones

24 February 2014 at 7:00

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Coworker was talking about his neighbors complaining that when his dad moved out, he didn’t sell to someone within his minority. I said if it bugged them that much, they should have bought his unit. “That’s what my dad said!”

Now I’m reminding coworkers older than me of their parents. I should think young thoughts.

Written by Ry Jones

23 February 2014 at 7:00

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