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Things I love

Media: Podcasts I’m listening to

Serial: Breaking down a murder conviction. Good stuff.

Tested: Adam Savage and two other guys talk about stuff. I skip about half of each episode. Needs an editor.

More or less: Behind the stats: taking the piss out of misused statistics.

KCRW: The Business: How TV and movies work. Skip the first two minutes of every episode. What podcast needs a two minute precap?

KCRW: The Treatment: Elvis Mitchell talks to script writers and artists about projects current and past.

The Partially Examined Life: Philosophy for beginners.

Strangers: Usually excellent.

Planet Money: I listen to about 1/4 of the episodes.

RadioLab: Not as much fun after the Hmong episode. I no longer financially support them but I do listen to most of each episode.

The Moth: Storytelling. You have to skip about ten minutes an hour as the self-indulgent host of the week rambles. The stories are recorded live, so the quality of production and the stories themselves vary widely.

This American Life: I financially support them, but I’m skipping more and more episodes completely. I probably listen to about half to one quarter of the episodes.

Getting On: Short stories produced for radio.

Hardcore History: Excellent. Each episode gets a couple listens.

99% Invisible: Discussions about design that is mostly hidden.

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Written by Ry Jones

28 October 2014 at 9:03


Took my nightly amble around the AO. Discovered the power is out about a half block away - decided to walk it anyway, the light from the houses with generators was bright enough I didn’t need a flashlight. Too bad the noise was so loud I couldn’t do my usual “think for a bit”.

One thing I noticed was mister Who Is John Galt and mister Yes 591 had lights on, as did mister Unaligned USMC flag flier. Every single Yes on 594 house was in the dark.

Another thing I noticed is nobody with generators bothered to cover windows up – when everything is dark outside, those houses were like well-lit fishtanks. So much for operational security.

Written by Ry Jones

26 October 2014 at 19:10

Experiments with oil and primers, part three

I direct you to Joe’s post for the first post in the series; here is the second. Joe ran the “One Hour” tests; I ran the “One Day” and “One Week” tests. Here is the data. I don’t see any point in continuing to report unless things change.

Solvent Detonation Result
One Hour One Day One Week
Water 2 dead 2 dead 2 dead
Break Free CLP 1 mild, 1 dead 1 mild, 1 dead 2 dead
WD 40 1 mild, 1 very mild 1 very mild, 1 dead 2 dead
3-IN-ONE 2 mild 1 mild, 1 dead 2 dead
Tetra Gun Lubricant 2 mild 2 dead 2 dead

Written by Ry Jones

26 October 2014 at 16:49

Primer testing

While thinking about how to better test primers, I went through a lot of half-baked ideas about water displacement for gas volume measuring before I realized what we really need is a slightly modified bomb calorimeter. I used one in high school physics, but it wasn’t as nice as this one.

Written by Ry Jones

22 October 2014 at 21:50

Experiments with oil and primers, part the second

I direct you to Joe’s post for the first post in the series. Joe ran the “One Hour” tests; I ran the “One Day” tests. Here is the data. Note, the firearm changed to a Beretta 96. I noticed, looking at the primers, that Joe’s pistol leaves a slightly deeper primer strike – usually.

Here are the results so far.

Solvent Detonation Result
One Hour One Day
Water 2 dead 2 dead
Break Free CLP 1 mild, 1 dead 1 mild, 1 dead
WD 40 1 mild, 1 very mild 1 very mild, 1 dead
3-IN-ONE 2 mild 1 mild, 1 dead
Tetra Gun Lubricant 2 mild 2 dead

The difference between “mild” and “very mild” was “heard a pop and smoked” versus “heard a pop”.

As you can see, four primers out of ten went from “some reaction” to “dead”. I don’t think this is very interesting, but I will continue popping primers until I run out. There are three tests to go, two primers each.

I’ve enabled comments for this post.

Written by Ry Jones

21 October 2014 at 18:53

kennykjc ragequits

I’ve played thousands of hours with Kenny, but he’d been missing on the server for a while. I took some time off myself, but jumped on for some Lazytown scrim and found out he had died a month or so ago. It didn’t take too much digging to figure out what happened.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I’ll point to his playlist of TF2 videos and a video of Silence taunting Kenny.

Tonight was strange – catching up with old clan mates, playing Lazytown. Talking about the old pre-Q servers, Q, MAD, FSE. Mach4. Some FSE (or maybe MAD) members got married after grinding Lazy for nights on end. Watching those videos is to watch Kenny playing with the same people I’ve been playing with since TF2 came out, and for me, to wonder where all those names have gone.

Written by Ry Jones

18 October 2014 at 1:40

In which I vote against religion

When I switched to OS X all around, it was because my long-in-the-tooth gaming rig was giving up the ghost and Windows 8 sucked. I bought a top of the line MBP a few weeks ago, hoping the 755m GPU would get me some nice FPS – no dice. When I installed Windows 8 on the same hardware, I got over 10x the FPS.

In fact, I found the FPS on my year-old MBA with an anemic Intel 5000 “GPU” gets the same frame rates under OS X as the MBP with a much better CPU/GPU combo. I ended up returning the MBP because I only bought it to support the DK2, and it couldn’t do that without Windows 8.

I found a gaming rig on amazon for under a third of the price of the MBP which should run decade old games just fine. We’ll see on Tuesday, when it shows up. I was considering a Surface Pro 3, but looking at the specs I saw it had the exact same CPU and “GPU” as my year-old Macbook Air. No thanks.

Written by Ry Jones

22 September 2014 at 6:22


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