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Google Earth Pro is now free

One of the data sources available is the US parcel database.

Written by Ry Jones

30 January 2015 at 22:54

Low budget annealing

Great how to.

Written by Ry Jones

24 January 2015 at 0:37

Rescued film from WWII

Neat. Discussion here. The black tubes he uses to develop the film are new to me – always did it in a darkroom.

Written by Ry Jones

17 January 2015 at 11:13

Xcode is killing me.

I filed a bug in July 2014 that is caused by Xcode over-parsing output of build tools. This breaks our CI systems and creates load on developers asking for exceptions. The radar is 17839697 if you have access.

If you’d like to repro the bug yourself, try this:

xcodebuild is examining the output of build tools looking for errors. Strings with a distinct format will trigger an error, stopping the build.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. install any version of Xcode version 5.1 forward
2. file->new project->OS X->other->external build system
3. take defaults on first screen
4. build tool is “echo”
5. arguments are [:13: 2] (no square brackets, no quotes)
6. build (clover-b)

Expected Results:
7. clean build

Actual Results:
7. build breaks.
8. examine errors: detects :13: 2 as an error, build is broken

Version 5.1.1 (5B1008)

Very annoying.

Written by Ry Jones

6 January 2015 at 11:08

The $100 .308 Suppressor, that is as good as an $800 one

I’ll probably build one for every rifle I have. Seems faster than adding cans one at a time.

Written by Ry Jones

5 January 2015 at 15:31

ATF Ruling 2015-1: Death of build parties

Written by Ry Jones

3 January 2015 at 11:23

Top post for the year was about Shikkoku

According to WordPress, this was my most popular post of the year. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I still look for him inside the door when I come home.

Written by Ry Jones

29 December 2014 at 22:59


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