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Ultimate Tripwire

By Chuck Klein

TRIPWIRE” by D. van Oort & J.F.A. Davison in the April, 1997, issue of The Liberty Pole does not go far enough in identifying catalytic keys that lead to citizen revolt. Their treatise is excellent inasmuch as it defines fundamental marks that can convert outrage to kinetic action. However, they stopped short: there are two additional and significant “tripwires:” (1) Positive Identification of the enemy, and (2) A strict constructionist leader.

Without a correctly identified enemy and a strongly supported leader, other “tripwires” will only result in civil insurrection. Unlike organized warfare between opposing armies, insurrection will cause a complete shutdown of our food, health and material goods chains. Those who believe they can survive this utter chaos–where everyone is the enemy–are very naive. Within 30 days the citizens who have not killed each other over the food in the pipeline will begin killing wild game. Then, in ever increasing circles, outward from population centers, all game will be depleted in short order.

Some survivalists might subsist on hoarded supplies, but the shear masses of rampaging city folks will eventually consume all things including the survivalists. In addition, total chaos might bring a nuclear attack and occupation by a foreign power. This invasion would most certainly be followed by NATO engaging this foreign intruder–on our land!

Most educated Americans, whatever their color or religious faith, can agree that erosions of constitutional rights are wrong. However, erosion is subjective. Many minorities support “erosion” if the eroded rights grant them greater benefits, albeit false benefits. The Second Amendment is the perfect example. A large percentage of African-Americans and Jews fear racist militia groups more than they fear the threat of their own government’s slide to tyranny. They would prefer to see all guns in the hands of their government, rather than worry about what some anti-Semitic/black militia gang will do with a large cache of weapons. Of course, what these minorities fail to understand is that should such a militia group ever come to power [by the vote of the people or otherwise] then all the guns will be in the hands of this racist militia gang.

Many “Second Amendment rights” advocates are associated with “militia” type groups. These small splinter gangs detract form the movement for a better America. They tend to champion select constitutional rights, while ignoring and trampling other guarantees. These pseudo-freedom/rights advocates espouse strong First, Second and Fourth Amendment truths, while blaming the country’s problems on Jews, blacks and others they deem unfit to be Americans. These groups, who honestly want a better country, only cause more distrust with their anti-[fill in the ethnic identifier du jour] attacks.

The real villain, the only enemy of the American people, the cause of all of our problems, Jew, Christian, black, alike, is: government–local, state and federal. Government size, power, intrusion, and violation of our rights is the only enemy. The enemy is not the ethnic composite–it is the entity of the government, per se.

Government bureaucracies are so large that many, if not all, bureaucrats must constantly seek activity–make work–to justify their jobs. They must conduct more investigation, create additional laws/rules/edicts, generate increasing reams of paper forms and arrest greater numbers of citizens. Without a balance, such as private sector profit and loss controls, public “businesses” expand at the savior-faire of the elected officials who seek more voters indebted to him or her.

This cycle of protraction is best described by “Klein’s Law of Elections:” The number of voters impacted by government- originated funds is directly proportional to the proliferation and power of government; and inversely proportional to constitutional objectivity.

Now that the enemy is identified; what is needed is a leader who can muster all Americans, regardless or race, creed, national origin, etc. A leader with a plan to take back control of our elected officials by any and all means, short of unlimited warfare. Should such a leader emerge to unite us against a clearly identified and common enemy–then that will be the ultimate TRIPWIRE.

Copyright 1997.

Chuck Klein, a former police officer, is Contributing Editor for Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement; Firearms Editor for P.I. Magazine; a licensed private investigator and author of Instinct Combat Shooting, Defensive Handgunning for Police & Personal Protection [Paladin Press]; and Klein’s Uniform Firearms Policy, Manual & Handbook for Private Sector Detectives and Security Agents [Patriot Press]. He may be contacted through Patriot Press at 1621 Mansfield St., Cincinnati, OH 45210-1316


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