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Love letter from the OPM

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I stopped working for the federal government some years ago, but that didn’t mean I was safe from the OPM breach. I just got my letter with a free year of credit monitoring by the lowest bidder… thanks. Apparently my fingerprints were disclosed as well; thankfully, those are trivial to change and can have no possible long-term repercussions.


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24 November 2015 at 22:48

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The Valley

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Visited the Valley for the first time since 2002. Had to see some old landmarks:

Here is where it all began Sidecar plaque

As I told Joe, the Valley is a drug. After a few hours on the ground I was ready to move back. I drove over the Oakland Bay Bridge and was impressed at how lovely it is – very distracting to drive over!

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22 November 2015 at 23:13

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At least read the first message.

Former coworker:

how do I fix this error?


You can do A or B, which ever one is easiest for you.


But how do I fix it?

Person asking for help:

The error says my compiler is too old. How do I fix this?

Person helping:

Install a new compiler.

The error message literally says

*** Compiler too old to build project. Aborting.

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29 October 2015 at 13:46

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This field is Swiss cheese filled with gun.

Link to video with commentary


Bill McHarold: Los Angeles back on the field after halftime with quite a point deficit they have to make up

Buck Tarland: It’s never good to be in this kind of deficit in this type of weather

Bill: that’s right Buck, this is brutal, this field is Swiss cheese filled with gun.

And here’s the snap, to Cleveland, the pressure, they’re bringing the pressure. Los Angeles is through the line


Bill: and they’re down! the ball is loose! the ball is loose! All of the slop!

Buck: And it looks like LA recovers right in the rain. Referee is signaling LA ball

Bill: look at the look in his eyes, Buck. Look at the look in his eyes! That is the look of a man that knows he has to produce! On this next drive

Buck: yes, that’s why he’s putting his helmet on, he really should get on the field though. It really looks like the quarterback is already on the field while he is clearly just getting up. Let’s see us! there we are.

(Bill and Buck on screen)

Bill: there we go, you’re a beautiful man. And Billy Cole at the line

Buck: Line up behind the quarterback

Bill: here’s the snap. God look at that slop.

Buck: look at the way the quarterback dries his hands

Bill: This is real football weather! the kind where you can’t play football.

Buck: No time for excuses, Bill. You gotta win this game.

Bill: Los Angeles plenty of time in the pocket a forward pass to Billy Cole! wow

Buck: look at that, open field moves

Bill: this is what you call a running back

Buck: oh he should step out of bounds here, he’s definitely gonna be tackled. Does he have any moves left in him?

Bill: will Cole make it through?

Buck: taking a long time

Bill: can he make it? Can he put them within scoring range? And yes he can!

Buck: Oh my!

Bill: and that is a perfect shot, a Glock 29 is a solid choice in these weather conditions.

Buck: should be a penalty though

Bill: I’m not sure about that, Buck, I uh you might want to check the rule book on that one, because I think it’s a judgement call on the field.

Buck: Well, if I’m the coach of Cleveland, I’m definitely throwing the challenge flag on that

Bill: I’m not sure that’s a challengable call

Buck: that’s right, it would be a judgement call, wouldn’t it

Bill: take a knee, take a knee Cole. You did well.

Buck: don’t remove your helmet, that’s going to be a penalty.

Cole: Ain’t life a bitch!

(Cole blows out brains)

Buck: Oh God

Bill: that is definitely excessive celebration in the end zone

Buck: Celebration with a prop, as well

Bill: nyah

Buck: way to cost your team. Like my coach always used to tell me. It’s the end zone,

Bill & Buck together: act like you’ve been there before.

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23 October 2015 at 17:00

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Links for later

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17 October 2015 at 22:43

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USB Thumbdrive Bench marks, part 2

As a followup to part 1, here are the results of copying the VM over.

lexar.log:   Speed : 1176.492 MegaBytes/min.
samsung.log: Speed :  719.846 MegaBytes/min.
sandisk.log: Speed :  628.951 MegaBytes/min.
klarge.log:  Speed :  569.867 MegaBytes/min.
kmicro.log:  Speed :  510.156 MegaBytes/min.

I ran the test which was causing me failures before and neither the Lexar nor the Samsung exhibited those errors. I assume my other Lexar is failing but I don’t have time to do a torture test and the VMs run fine from them so there we go.

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13 October 2015 at 11:33

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USB 3.0 thumb drive benchmarking

Bought five thumb drives to find one worthy of handing out by the gross. The goal is to run virtual machines directly from the thumb drive. I bought all of the USB 3.0, 16 gig thumb drives Amazon Fresh had on offer. Here are the results:

I also tested a personally owned one:

  • Kingston 64 Gb $21.95: one. Speed was so bad I didn’t run a second test.
  • Lexar same as above: one, two.

I ran the test on my personally owned Lexar drive because the failures I’ve had with it are the reason I’m doing this test at all.

The next test is to copy the VM over to each of the four drives that scored about the same and give it a whirl. Actually, if it works well enough on the Samsung, I’ll stop there.

Written by Ry Jones

11 October 2015 at 15:07

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