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Things I love

Working from home

New job allows (well, requires) that I work from home. It would be difficult to over-state the improvement in my overall mood from not having a commute – I was down to 20 minutes each way previously, now I can wake up, shower, and I’m at work.


Written by Ry Jones

24 April 2015 at 17:18

Parking lot ranking

My sister tweeted that a second-worst parking lot exists in her town. My mind sees an ordered list, from worst to best – and I immediately imagine all of the shenanigans of people at or near the top of the list, trying to climb one more slot.

Oh, they copied our “free detailing while you shop”? Add a foot massage to the complimentary shuttle!

I can see whole factions forming. Abandoning shitty cars to clog up other parking lots, paying teenagers to hang out late at night – drinking beer and shooting bottle rockets off to give competitors a bad rep. All is fair in love and parking!

I thought of this Onion article and how it could apply to parking lots – maybe complimentary double parking, quadruple parking if you’re a savings club member? There are, of course, other shenanigans to engage in, but I’m done.

For now.

I wonder where the worst parking lot is in Moscow? I’m thinking the one in front of Subway – if you’re heading out of town, that left is a bitch.

Written by Ry Jones

19 April 2015 at 16:17

$10 Phở

At Sakuracon I talked to a Seattle-area foodie (wish I’d gotten his contact info to say thanks) who let me know about $10 phở. Phở is the one dish I have missed the most from the bay area – you can buy it in Seattle, but it always seemed a poor imitation.

No more. I walked in around 12:15, was seated in the bar, and ordered a Nguyen Dynasty and the Phở Tái Nạm. One of the songs from Cowboy Bebop was playing overhead – if Spike and Shikkoku had showed up, it wouldn’t have surprised me. The broth was what I’ve been looking for – very rich. The meat was excellent. About halfway through the bowl I ordered an Old Fashioned, which was a very strong pour. I was done about 12:45 but finished the bottle of water and listened to the music for a while. Greatly enjoyed the experience.

Now that I know of Ba Bar, I have my late-night noodle soup fix. In Pinky’s I have found my late-night BBQ fix.

Written by Ry Jones

19 April 2015 at 13:49

24 is dead – commentary supercut

24 is killed off in Season 3 of the Venture Brothers. Jackson and Doc riff on this in the commentary tracks on the DVDs – which nobody listens to, apparently, because people still argue about 24 being alive.

So here it is – warning, five meg mp3 – a supercut of every mention of 24’s death from the Season 3 commentary.

Stop crying and change your ways.

Written by Ry Jones

19 April 2015 at 12:30

Why you shouldn’t run from the police

Anyone who flees on foot when the cops have a dog is a god damned moron.
At that point, you can either go to prison, or go to the hospital and then go to prison. You’re not going to outrun any German Shepherd, and chasing and biting people is literally this specific dog’s favorite thing. Motherfucker loves to bite people. He’s probably spent most of his life, since he was a puppy, being trained to chase and bite motherfuckers. This shit is like the Super Bowl and Grad night all rolled together for him.
He does that every time, and his handler pretty much NEVER lets him do his thing. And now, this time, miraculously, he has. He’s let go of the harness, and now this majestic beast is at last fulfilling his purpose as a living missile, and my god is he ever thrilled about it.
And you, with your stumpy little human legs, overabundance of slow twitch muscle fibers, and soft, delicate skin, are going to try to run from this 80 lb mass of muscle and enthusiasm with a bear trap on the end? Good luck, you stupid, stupid asshole. I’ll see you in the Timothy Treadwell Memorial Ward for People Who Predictably Had Their Shit Ruined by Large Predators. Shine on, you idiotic diamond.

Written by Ry Jones

17 April 2015 at 15:32

Minecraft OS X MacBook screen lock flaw

  1. Log on to Mac (easier to demonstrate on MacBook) running OS X 10.10.2 with an account that requires a password.
  2. Enable immediate screen lock on said Mac (prefs, security and privacy, general, check “require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins”
  3. Start Minecraft launcher, launch Minecraft 1.8.3. Be sure it is full screen (options, video settings, full screen, on)
  4. Close MacBook lid, wait for light to turn out.
  5. Open lid.

Expected behavior: MacBook is locked, must enter password to interact with Minecraft

Observed behavior: MacBook is locked, Minecraft is still running full screen, can interact freely

When you quit Minecraft, the MacBook is locked. You also can’t clover-tab to other, running apps. I don’t know how to exploit this to defeat the lock screen – I’m sure someone has an exploit to shell out of Minecraft. I only have machines running 10.10.2 so I can’t test on older versions. I only tested this on Minecraft 1.8.3.

Written by Ry Jones

5 April 2015 at 13:59

Setting the record straight: Mark Slackmeyer operated a PDP-112 in July, 1972

I was looking for a comic I remembered from my childhood – in fifth or sixth grade I bought a rubber stamp I was so inspired by it, so that bound the search a little. I searched the internet for possible publication dates, and it is widely reported that Mark Slackmeyer got a job programming (or operating, depending on which version you find) a DEC PDP 11/70 in May of 1971. I looked at every single Doonesbury comic from the start of publication until I found the actual set of strips – 28-JUNE-1972 (mention of the matchbook cover text), job starting 01-JULY-1972, continuing on 03-JULY (where he’s dealing with a PDP-112), 04-JULY, 05-JULY (mention of the matchbook and salary of $7300 a year as an operator, $41k inflation adjusted to 2015 dollars; he’s actually paid $1 an hour, or $2080 annually), 06-JULY, 07-JULY (in which Slackmeyer uses the still-common debugging technique of screaming), ending 08-JULY when Mark fights a threading problem with a tape drive. I’ll point out there was no PDP-112, but PDP 7 serial #112 is famous for being preserved. I don’t know the source of the widely (PDP 11, 1998) repeated (11/70, 1990 Usenet post) error, but I hope this post starts showing up higher in results than the wrong claim.

The strip for 02-JULY does mention a now-common technology. I’ll note Slackmeyer did have an undisclosed job at his dad’s brokerage in 1971 for a single day, and he does mention IBM in that story arc, but only as an equity, not a product he’s using.

I found a book review:

Throughout the book, the famous 
comic strip character Doonesbury 
and his friend, Mark, marvel at the 
many wonders of the computer. A 
newspaper ad for computer operators 
convinces them that they have found 
their true vocation in life. "Earn 
$7,000, impress your friends. MEET 

from September, 1976. repeated verbatim in the February, 1977 issue of BYTE.

I think:

"Earn $7,000, impress your friends. MEET GIRLS"

is my new motto.

Written by Ry Jones

3 April 2015 at 21:34


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