On 27 July 2014, I walked exactly one half mile downhill from my apartment and struggled one half mile uphill back. It took 28 minutes, 14 seconds. It nearly killed me. It was the day I decided I was going to work on not being so fat.

Recently, I was post-TSA at SeaTac a little early so I decided to start at the southwest corner of A and walk the exterior perimeter of A, B, C, and D concourses. I wasn’t quite hurdling or knocking people over, but I was able to knock out 2.12 miles in 41:40 while carrying my backpack and pulling my rollerbag.

While in Montreal, I walked 5.11 miles of Mount Royal’s trails in 1:57:02, which includes forgetting to pause the walk in a store and while guiding since lost Korean tourists.

I’m convinced that wearing an Apple Watch for the last couple of years has helped motivate me through boredom to keep walking

I’m looking forward to walking Basel soon.