Recently, the election for the 2019-2020 TSC concluded. Here are some facts about that election:

  • There were 589 authorized voters
  • There were 204 votes cast
  • The announced end of the election was 04 SEP 2019 17:00 Pacific
  • The election ended at 17:00:02 Pacific on 04 SEP 2019
  • There were 31 nominees for 11 seats.

Once the TSC was elected, there was a second election for chair.

  • There were 11 authorized voters (members of the new TSC)
  • There were 11 votes cast
  • Two people ran for chair – Arnaud was elected
  • The rules for this election were the same – we used Condorcet, with the same settings, as was used in the initial TSC election.